The Bullying and Harassment Training covers all sensitive areas and is intended for all staff, employees, and management within any workplace or organization.
Extreme lasting damaging results could come from not training your organization.

This training will develop the awareness and understanding of bullying and harassment for those participating.

Harassment and Bullying in the workplace is unpleasant and offensive. It not only can and will affect an individual’s professional performance and psychological welfare, it is proven to be destructive. Not only does it devastate lives but it effects professional careers resulting in low morale, absence, and resignations. The worst cases have caused others to take their own life.

Avoid expensive litigation and adverse publicity which could lead to a loss of customers. It is up to everyone to foster an environment free of harassment and bullying in the workplace.

This training will answer the common questions, concerns and legal implications of bullying and harassment in the workplace. We will take an in depth look at how to provide each participant with useful advice when dealing with these issues as the victim of bullying and harassment, the organization, as well as the accused.

Bullying & Harassment What Is It? – We will discuss the legal definition and what it means to each participant.

What Constitutes Bullying & Harassment? – We will Review several case studies and interpreting whether the actions might constitute bullying and/or harassment.

Strong Management or Bullying? – It is important to use caution when approaching this situation and when offering up advice so it is not taken or viewed as bullying.

The Impacts of Bullying & Harassment – We will discuss the likely impact of false allegations.

Manager Guidelines and Individual Responsibilities – Ensure that both foster an environment that discourages bullying and harassment.

Bullying & Harassment Laws – Legal aspects of harassment and review cases brought against an organization.

Bullying & Harassment Allegations – Review 6 key steps to ensure allegations are handled in the correct manner.

Dealing with Bullying & Harassment Scenarios – We will review instances and appropriate actions to take regarding each case. The scenarios could greatly increase a positive outcome if faced with now and in the future.


At the end participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of keeping the workplace free of Bullying and Harassment.
  • Understand how the law views an unstable work environment.
  • Identify techniques used to bully and harass another individual or group.
  • Know your individual role in ensuring that bullying & harassment is eliminated.
  • Show your knowledge in how to properly deal with bullying and harassment.