THINK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS will assist participants to better tap into the powerful ability of their own mind. What you must know is that you are at the very tip of the iceberg of what is possible for you in this life and all the capability required to achieve the outcomes that you deserve in life, the only restriction being programmed which started at a very young age and the limiting beliefs that are often carried around in the mind making it difficult to propel forward toward your mission, goals, and dreams.

By the end of the session participants will continue transforming and feel a new found energy charged up and ready to live their purpose realizing that they have the power to achieve their objectives. They will not only understand why they have been restricted in the past, but have the necessary understanding to create a detailed action plan to accomplish anything they think of and set out to make what was once imagined a real possibility.

Strengths – Focus on your strengths and focus on the positive aspects of your life and what you bring to the table.

The Programmed Mind – Understand how the mind processes information and how our beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies. What you think about you bring about.

Conscious & Subconscious thinking – How the conscious and subconscious mind operates and how to tap into the power of the subconscious mind and use it to our advantage.

Positively Negative – Negative thinking creates negative actions and hopelessness. Positive thinking is a skill that can be developed.

See it for yourself – Mindsight creates pictures in the mind in order to make sense of things. See yourself crossing the finish line and being successful. Practicing and developing positive imagery in our mind moves us past mental blocks and paves the way getting us closer to our dreams.

Neurology and The Results of Positive Thinking – Develop an understanding of how our brain reacts to positive thinking and why it seems that successful people have more doors opened to them and the most luck.

Personal Goal Setting – An opportunity to engineer a personal blueprint and create a detailed action plan and being introduced to The Five Paragraph Action Plan.

This positive thinking training course is based on cognitive behaviour theory. However, the terminology has been purposefully adapted to include a wider audience.

Objectives :

At the end of this positive thinking training course, participants will be able to:

  • Use their own mind and inner resources to move far beyond comfort zones
  • Understand how the conscious and subconscious mind work together or not
  • Success from the things that matter the most to individuals and groups
  • Put your best foot forward and act on what is important
  • Follow a clear action plan such as The Five Paragraph Action Plan

Share stories of breakthroughs and your experience with personal development and positive thinking.

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