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Aubrey McDonald II, a farm boy from Elon College, NC, shares some of the philosophies, which have afforded him the opportunity to inspire, encourage and empower others on stages and platforms around the world. From slopping hogs, milking cows and plowing with mules, to traveling the world and becoming a senior advisor to general staff officers and CEO’s of multiple organizations. Leaders of the industry, describe Aubrey as an explosive force of nature that must be experienced, acknowledged and emulated. The greatest value in life is living a good life and adding value to others daily. In this DVD/CD series, you will discover your purpose by becoming part of something bigger than yourself.

We Provide Insights to help You Evaluate a business model to make an informed decision

  • Evaluate the business model
  • Be a buyer of the service/product, belief fuels passion, passion rarely fails
  • Evaluate existing infrastructure, is it poised for explosive Growth
  • Does the organization use a system that is duplicable?
  • Creating your top 10 prospect list
  • Initial exposure, using tools to duplicate the message
  • Fortune is in the follow up, get the follow up time on your calendar before ending the call

Over thirty years ago while serving in the U.S. Army in California, Scott Fortune was invited to a business opportunity meeting that would have a profound impact on his life.
During the overview he would draw his attention to the presenter not only focusing on the words spoken, but also the way the speaker moved and interacted with the audience.
Scott was being introduced to the network marketing industry for the very first time. Since that day Scott has embraced the concept and made it his life’s passion to be the person in front of the room, speaking to and training leaders around the world. Scott’s mission is to share his knowledge, experience and success principles to help you live the life you deserve.

“There is a mission in you and when you choose to accept it, and go all out to accomplish Your Mission, Goals, and Dreams, not only will you change; You will change the world”
Scott D Fortune IV



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