Scott D Fortune – Refund Policy

  1. When you order anything from our website, you can refund or return that particular product within the 30 days. We can no longer accept your refund claim after 30 days due to our business policies. To legitimately request a refund, you can only return the product which you have ordered within the refund warranty period.
  2. Our quality assurance team will check if the product is not broken down or altered and verify whether your claim is genuine or not. The quality assurance will check that the product has a valid fault or damage when delivered to you and your refund claim is valid. Although, there are some items which are not covered in refund policy, such as Digital Packets.
  3. Following items are also not covered by our refund policy:
    1. Gift Vouchers
    2. Books
    3. CDs & DVDs
  4. You are required to show the proof of your valid purchase by showing the receipt whenever you are claiming for a refund. We want to request our customers NOT TO send your purchased item directly to the manufacturer beside only us.
  5. Following are some of the conditions in which your refund will be accepted w/o any question asked:
    1. Books which are not adequately imprinted or have damaged pages or apparent signs of usages.
    2. CDs and DVDs which are partially or slightly use when opened for the first play.
    3. Any other item from our store which is not delivered in its original condition or damaged during travel.
    4. Any other item which was returned after 30 days warranty period.

* Note: This policy is only valid if your refund claim is applicable according to these conditions.

  1. Whenever we receive your refund claim, our team will inspect it and will drive a notification mail to keep you informed whether we have received your refunded item or not. Once the inspection process finalizes, we will send another email to notify you whether your refund claim is approved or rejected by our quality assurance team.
  2. In case your refund claim is approved, you will have following options on our end:
    1. An exchange of the same product
    2. Refund voucher for the total cost which you have paid for the product
  1. There are certain situations where refund claims may take more time than usual. In such circumstances, we will recommend you to check your bank account to validate whether you have got back your refund money because sometimes refund procedures take some more time when being processed by the bank. In case, you are still facing issues in getting back your refund money; then you can drop us an email at (
  2. Only standard items claim will be eligible for a refund as per our policy, and this does not include products which are on sale on our portal.
  3. The only acceptable situation for the refund claim will be accepted when the item or product sent to the customer with any possible damage(s) or defect(s).