Scott D Fortune – Shipping Policy

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) which will be applied for shipping when you’ll be shopping on our web store:

Delivery and Shipment

As per agreement of our order delivery policy and client’s provided shipping address, we will dispatch client’s ordered item(s) to their address. In case, a requested product is found to be out of stock in our inventory than one of our active representatives will promptly inform the client of the unavailability of the product. Our team will offer the client whether to exchange their product or refund the money of their order, in case they want to get a refund voucher.

Our designated courier services and partners handle all our domestic orders delivery and shipment. We can also make product transfers internationally, and as per policy of international shipment duties, the client will have to pay the extra incurred charges for international shipments.

Note: All shipment of our products will take about 5-7 business days to complete for successful deliveries.

Payment Mode

Our payment mode is USD (United States Dollar) for all the products on our site. The product’s pricing also includes VAT (Value-Added-Tax). Customers can pay for their desired products through our defined payment options which are PayPal, Western Union, Visa Cards, MasterCard, etc.

However, PayPal is mandatory for some specific products in our web store. Those customers who don’t want to buy their desired item(s) with our designated pricing mode (mainly USD), then they also have the option to use our Western Union funds transfer mode in which they can convert their native funds in United States Dollars.

Charges for Delivery

We ship most of the products free of charge. However! It does not include the products which don’t come under our delivery and shipment contract; the client will be required to pay the delivery charges. For international deliveries, the client is responsible for paying all the extra incurred costs for international shipment duties.

Following is our return shipping address, in case of any concerns related to product refund:

Fortune International Seminars, LLC

12725 W Indian School Road, Suite E-101


For further enquiries, you can also contact us on our toll-free number :

Tel: 1-855-488-6307

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