Scott D Fortune – Terms and Conditions

By using Fortune International Seminar’s website or purchasing any product or registering for any training and consultancy service, you duly agree to follow terms and conditions. Before proceeding with the site, please read the following terms and conditions carefully:

  1. Definition of Terms

When we use the word “trainer” or “training consultant,” this means the site is referring to Scott D. Fortune and their respective training consultants. The term “client” is simply hinting towards the people who are interested in buying the training materials from our website or those who want to reserve their seats for our training sessions. Wherever the site used the term of “delegate,” this mainly means the people who want to attend our training courses and seminars.


  1. Registrations

Registrations is a process of subscriptions for our clients in which they will be entering their contact information and email address. After registration, they will be allowed to make product purchases on our web portal as well as receive periodic emails of promotional offers and latest updates regarding our products or services. The registration process of our website will also provide our system to verify if the client has a legitimate email ID or not. The registration systems include secured encrypted layers including SSL technology to keep our clients’ information safe and secure without any possible data breaching or theft.


  1. Seminar Representatives

The seminar representatives will be looking after the activities and management for a confirmed seminar session. The client will receive everything in writing. The clients themselves can not amplify the number of seminar attendees. They will be reporting to the seminar representatives or training provider if they want additional registrations of seminar attendees. However, those seminar attendees who belong to affiliated or registered organizations will be allowed to attend the training session after verifying their identity to the seminar representatives.

  1. Cancellation Charges

The client cancels any registration of seminar session, will be charged with a minimum fee of $100 to cover up the administration cost which will be accountable to the client for the seminar training session. The fee margin may increase drastically as per the following scale:

  1. Cancellation of the training seminar within 30 days ($100)
  2. Removal of the training seminar within 20 days ($200)
  3. Replacement of the training seminar within 15 days ($300)
  4. Replacement of the training seminar within 05 days ($500)

The cancellation charges are supposed to be paid by the client as our agreement during the registration process. The payment margin which was defined above is just a broad picture of the worst-case scenarios for the clients in case of seminar cancellation. However, the client will still have the option get an alternate date for the canceled session once he/she will pay the administrative cost of the seminar arrangements.


  1. Pricing Module

The pricing module will include everything from training charges to arrangement costs. It also includes how much per seminar attendee is paying for attending the session. The pricing module will be emailed to the registered clients whenever they will be interested in booking a seminar training. The charges for the course will be increased periodically as long as more registrations will flow-in. The client will receive a complete invoice for the overall cost management which he/she will pay for the seminar training session. Our company also offer our loyal clientele money back guarantee who consider us one of their top choices for seminar training and consultancy.


  1. Additional Incurred Charges

Any other charges including traveling expenses or arrangement costs which will incur in the invoice of the clientele overall bill charges. The company will provide the training material, yet additional content can order with other fees as per the company policies. If the client requires more accommodation than what is typically needed, then the company can also offer extra services with added incurred charges. We always recommend the clientele to finalize what are their actual requirements of accommodation for seminar attendees to avoid any obstructions on the seminar training day.


  1. Limitation of Liability

Our company or any representative of our venture will take no liability or responsibility for your personal belongings. The customer will be accountable for their belongings, and our management will take no responsibility in case of any mishap.


  1. Discretion

The company will not disclose any personal or private information and data of the clientele.


  1. Dismissal Rights

Our company also reserves the right to dismiss any seminar attendee or terminate the contract of the training session at any time with or without any notice.


  1. Force Majeure

If required, then the management of our training session can also suspend any on-going seminar training session to prevent any situation which might get out of control under certain circumstances of mishap.